A New Mom’s Guide To Being A Boss

The modern woman is independent, fierce and empowered! Women all over the world have been working tirelessly to close the gender gap and push for equal pay. Major corporations who are against equal pay for women often use maternity leave as their excuse for the gap in wages and their hesitations to promote women into higher positions. However, despite long maternity leaves being their excuse, in this day and age a woman who is the bread winner of the family or has work related responsibilities is never be able to take more than a month off after giving birth. Here are some tips for new mothers who are getting ready to go back to work.

It isn’t easy

Leaving your infant at home is no walk in the park! Keep in mind that you are working to provide them with the future they deserve. Get as much rest as you possibly can before going back to work. Your body is recovering and a screaming baby is keeping you up all night. Get as much rest as you possibly can. Then slowly start changing your sleep routine to match your normal work routine. Your wardrobe may also need some additions. Maternity nursing bras, hands free breast pump bras and nursing dresses are some apparel that will make things easier and comfortable for a mother on the go. With these additions pumping milk while reading answering your emails before going to bed for example is made less of a hassle.

Partners in baby care

Find a trustworthy baby sitter that fits your schedule, who can possibly stay on until later in the evening. That way you don’t have to worry about finding someone else in case you and your partner are running late. By having someone you trust that can be on the clock until you return home is incredibly important. However, despite the baby sitter being able to stay on, you and your partner should have a system and be able to step in and tend to your child whenever necessary. It has to be an equal system where both parents pull their own weight when it comes to baby care.

Pack a bag

A baby bag should always be at hand. A mummy bag might also be as handy. Have nursing tops from Australia, padded nursing bras, a blanket, a breast pump, feeding bottles, baby diapers and wipes in your car or your office drawer at all times in case of an emergency. That way you are prepared in case you need a change of clothes to travel with your baby straight after work or to pump some milk during your break. Most offices that promote diversity and equality have a mother’s room where women have a space and a moment of privacy to continue their work while feeding their babies or pumping milk.

Being a working mum is a tough gig but millions of women manage to balance work and family just fine. It takes a bit of effort and endurance but women are strong, nurturing and empowered and will persevere