A New Way Of Inspiring People

What do you look first in the personality of a person? An expensive dress? Jewelry of a woman? The brand worn? The laces of the shoes? Or the shoes that compliments the dress? The accessories they carry? Or the way they talk?

 It is a common saying that if you want to judge the personality of other person, see their shoes. You can easily judge the nature and personality of a person. So, it is advisable to take special care and attention to your shoes if you are going for an interview, going to marriage or meeting a person for the first time. You have to be very choosy while going out for shopping footwear.

It is not only choosing of shoes is important but maintaining and keep them in a good condition is equally important. To keep them stay newer for a long period of time, we have to take a few steps. Following are the tips that keep shoes look new for a long period of time.


It is advisable to clean the shoes in a proper manner after coming back home from outside. There are dust, muds, sticky mess and other things are spread over the floor outside including hotels, parks, office or the area where the construction is taking place. So, we have to clean the shoes as soon as we get back home using water and waproo waterproof spray if the material of the footwear gets damage with the application of water.

Usage of Adhesive Creams:

We know, sole of the shoes leaves its original position after sometime if we are walking on the rough floor or road. Even though, we haven’t used it on daily basis or have worn it a few times. To cope up with this good collonil shoe cream is used to stick the sole to the base of the shoes. This issue is often occurred to the small kids, school going kids and the people who are more into sports activities. This cream work best for them as they can save their money. People cannot spend money on shoes each month.

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