Some Helpful Accessorising Tips For Grooms

Selecting the right attire for the groom is just an important as the bride’s dress, and is often overlooked or taken lightly. While there might be less work required than dressing the bride, the groom should look polished on the big day with the right tuxedo and accessories. However, finding the right ways to accessorise with colours, textures or patterns will look more stylish or even create something unique. Accessories are a great way to personalise a look by adding some touches to stand out or express your sense of style too.

Coordinate With Different Shades And Colours

There is no need to match everything perfectly to your shirt or wear all the accessories in the same colour. If you do enjoy making sure everything matches, you can use variations of the same shades, which will look pretty good too. For example, try having a dark blue pocket square and a blue and white patterned tie. Working with colours that complement each other or by using neutrals such as grey or black to make bright or pastel colours stand out is another great idea too.

Be Open To Adding Special Touches

Some ideas include adding great accessories such as mens cufflinks Australia, pocket squares or even a nice stylish watch to complete the groom’s attire. While you shouldn’t hesitate to experiment with some different colours, patterns or looks – make sure that you also express your style or personality too. But since a wedding is a formal event after all, avoid going for looks that are too outrageous or bold, unless it goes with the theme of the wedding.

Select The Right Neckwear

There are countless patterns and textures to choose from, when it comes to selecting mens silk ties or bow ties for the groom. From silk, satin or even wool options, don’t forget to select something that can be easily coordinated with the bride’s dress too. It’s also useful to take the wedding theme and venue into consideration – you can select something simple and stylish if the venue is more casual. You can view these products here

Don’t Be Afraid Of Patterns

You can use patterns as well to create a unique effect too. It’s understandable that most men’s fashion feature solid colours, however, you can play with patterns if you enjoy experimenting with your style. From paisley patterns, checks to stripes, these are just some of the options that can be paired with solid colours – either classics or neutrals too. It’s just a matter of selecting accessories that work with the flow of the groom’s attire.

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